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Week 1 in the Life of a Budding Zumba Instructor!

Posted on May 2, 2014 at 2:55 PM

Well here we are. 

One week in on this adventure called "ZUMBA instructor"!  What do I have to show for it? 

First thing worth mentioning - I lost about four pounds last weekend at the training class.  I don't really have that much weight to lose so quickly, and you can be sure I'll keep eating enough to put that cusion back on, but that just goes to show the incredible power of the ZUMBA "workout in disguise" formula.  I danced my butt off - literally! 

Of course, it's hard to eat enough to keep the weight up when you're dancing ALL THE TIME!  That's been the most noticable fallout from the big step into official instructor status.  I have my first ZUMBA CD in the car with me, and I listen to it every day.  The rhythms are becoming second nature to me, and a LOT of people have witnessed some amazing car dancing in the past few days!  When I get to work early, I pull up the ZUMBA website and practice the new choreography provided.  When I get home, my ZUMBA DVDs are already in and waiting - one in the computer, one in the PlayStation, and one in the bedroom DVD player.  My patients (my day job is physical therapy) have been grooving with me when particularly spicy songs come up on our Pandora list.  Overall, my general activity level has definintely been raised this past week! 

I also now have many people asking me when and where my classes are.  Unfortunately, I have not popped directly into a studio as most people seem to have expected!  There is a local gym with a position open, that I had been discussing taking upon receipt of my license, but I feel a need to really KNOW my choreo a little better before I get up there.  I have a pretty good grip on some songs I've been working on for months, but I know my class will be 100 times better when I can LIVE my music, not just dance to it.  In the meanwhile, I'm looking for any opportunity to grow with the brand and feel more confident in my new role. 

To be honest, this was all a lot easier back in the old city, where I led dance aerobics frequently, but knew everyone in my class like sisters (or the occasional brother!) and didn't have to start fresh with completely unfamiliar faces.  Trying out my choreo with some of my more mobile patients is helping me build that confidence - so check back soon to see when I will finally burst out into the local teaching scene! 

Finally, this week has given me new direction for my crafting hobby.  I've been working on some shirt designs and some new techniques with my yarn arts to fashion items for an exciting dance workout outfit.  I plan to make my (successful) attempts available right HERE on this website, so there is a new "web store" link at the top of the page.  Nothing there yet, but I know if I see it every time I log in, I'll hold myself accountable. 

All in all, a solid introduction to this exciting new chapter in my life!  Check back for more updates, and feel free to send me a message, especially if there's something you'd like to see me address in this blog!

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