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Run or Dye!

Posted on June 13, 2014 at 3:25 PM

Now that I'm getting into competitive running, my father, who has been training religiously for almost a decade now, was itching for the chance to run with me!  We carved out an opportunity over Memorial Day weekend in the form of a fun run - the Run or Dye color run! 

Neither of us was too sure what to expect.  I'd registered for it somewhat last minute, just to see what these "color run" things are all about, and it just so happened to be the best weekend for my parents to take a little trip out to see me.  I'm sure it wasn't Dad's first choice for a running event, but he put his money down and we made our meetup plans.  We were both skeptical about running through clouds of colored powder, especially in the heat, but were determined to have a good time. 

Turns out, it was an absolutely awesome experience!  We got to the start line very early, which ensured we would be released in the first wave and could get out of the way before it got too crowded.  We spent almost 45 minutes waiting at the start, but the event runs a bit of a pump-up party at the start line, and even Dad got pretty into it!  We also ran into my new running friend Mary, from the I <3 Momma trail run earlier in May, who was at the starting line right by us.  It was pretty cool to go to a random event and see someone I knew!  We didn't run this one together - I stayed with Dad - but we made sure to get some good photos afterwards. 

As for the race itself...  My old man is in phenomenal shape!  He really pushed me the whole way, though even with me pushing as hard as I thought I could go, he probably was still holding back a little.  I ran the whole way, first time I've done a 5k without walking (though I've only done one official 5k previously, haha), and we finished with a solid time of 26:57.  I couldn't believe I'd kept up that whole way! 

We were definitely COLORFUL afterwards!  You can see just how bright we were by checking the Photo Gallery tab, as words cannot describe how PINK I was by the end!  Running through the powder was not a problem, but washing it out sure was!  I had pink armpits for over a week afterwards.  The extended family is suggesting we start making this an annual family event, and I think it's a brilliant idea!  Just a great experience from start to finish! 

Have YOU tried any exciting fun runs?  Tell me all about it!

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